Inmate work program


image6image1Selected inmates serve our community through our Inmate Work Program. Some of the areas in which our inmates have worked include:

road cleanup
cemetery cleanup
county garage maintenance
county park maintenance
county animal shelter
trash pickup crews for the Solid Waste Board
crews to other city,  county,  and state agencies



Below are just a few examples of over 50 cemeteries cleaned up by our inmate work crews:
vanhook science hill 2
Vanhook Cemetery, Science Hill: After
vanhook science hill 1
Vanhook Cemetery, Science Hill: Before






souls chapel shopville 1
Souls Chapel, Shopville: Before
souls chapel shopville 2
Souls Chapel, Shopville: After






hudson cemetary mt victory 1
Hudson Cemetery, Mt. Victory: Before
hudson cemetary mt victory 2
Hudson Cemetery, Mt. Victory: After






norfleet floyd nancy 1
Norfleet Cemetery, Nancy: Before
norfleet floyd nancy 2
Norfleet Cemetery, Nancy: After